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Social Listening:

Social listening covers a variety of tool and utility types, often available at low or no cost. Social Media platforms come with their own built in social listening features (referred to as insights or analytics), which show how your account or content is performing and what current trends are. External tools often make content suggestions based on links to share which cover topic areas you write about and offer post scheduling services or advertising suggestions. These services are designed to keep you on platforms and retain knowledge.

Campaign/Brand Management:

These utilities combine social listening with competitor analysis to provide a more rounded view of the digital landscape and are often in active strategic partnerships with social media platforms, acting to drive advertising expenditure. They tend to offer all the services of social listening but also allow you to monitor key metrics of competitors and topics of your choosing and charge premium rates for access. These utilities are tech reliant, including in their analysis of sentiment. These services are designed to keep you on platforms and retain knowledge.

Strategic Communications:

These services aggregate multiple social listening tools and utilities offered by campaign/brand management platforms to create a complete view in a managed and structured environment, alleviating research and analysis burdens and encouraging detachment from platforms in order to maximise organic messaging opportunities and reduce or hyper-target advertising expenditure. Strategic Communications services transfer knowledge to their clients to empower campaigns.

What is SOCINT?


SOCINT provides a Strategic Communications service built upon stringent ethical standards and a specially designed intelligence framework, adapted from the same model deployed across intelligence services.


Our ethical standards ensure that all data gathered and analysed is collected only from public data, obtained and processed within the rules and regulations of the platforms making the information available. We do not support or engage in scraping practices and do not target private individuals or extract information from them. We do not support negative client action (i.e. creation and distribution of propaganda or disinformation, or dissuasion tactics including voter suppression).


Our core framework, The Social Intelligence Model, draws data from mixed sources - including API, manual research, web searches, government data, polling and surveys, digital forensics, SEO, and covert/overt human sources – to create a 360° of the landscape. Our information is drawn into a sterile corridor, where it is analysed and turned into output products in the form of insights (live dashboards, charts, searchable databases) and reports. This process removes the structural client bias which is inherent in self-selecting competitor analysis utilities.


We capture as much or as little data as is necessary to provide a rounded view of a topic or geographical area in order to provide easy-to-read actionable insights which identify the locations, influencers, messages, and communication method or styles relevant to the mission. We train our clients in the reading of this information and in the creation of complete communications strategies which will achieve cut-through. We always aim to leverage savings in digital expenditure to help clients retain our services over the long-term.


Our methodology captures the flow of information and disinformation into public discourse, identifying the access points to society without needing to repeat (and subsequently amplify) the signals in the process. Rather than keep our clients in platform, chasing trends and encouraging large advertising spends in response to them, we provide a clinical detachment from this cycle so strategic objectives remain the key focus.


We combine ethically obtained datasets in order to provide weighted analyses and predictive models.


Our service identifies information risk, informs tactical responses, and supports the delivery of strategic mission by providing a premium service designed to inject specialist knowledge of a complex field into client teams, in order that it can be deployed effectively across organisations.


We provide a comprehensive service which gathers and analyses API data from the most popular social media platforms, digesting interaction, engagement, and narrative across the societal and political divides.


We integrate social media data with government, public datasets, and our own polling data to produce comprehensive maps which show where conversation are happening across society and where the next election votes will fall or fail.


We can provide full support to ground campaigns, giving access to electronic surveys when you need them without a rolling subscription. We can also support online campaigns and polling, providing all the infrastructure and advice you need to succeed.


We do things differently. Social Intelligence not only understands the operating environments of our clients but also provides valuable insight and guidance in negating and mitigating risk through an adaptive strategic communications output, keeping our customers not only in the game but two steps ahead of it. We can design, build, and implement client specific portals and provide white label services.


Whether you need single day review of operations or specialist help over the longer term, Social Intelligence is here for you and our consultancy fees are as straight forward as can be. We do not promote the other services we offer, we seek client relationships based on ethical fit.