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RED – 12 Jan 21


12 January 2021


Public (from Restricted)

Sharing Rationale:

Earlier restricted briefing on offline narratives gathered through CHIS made pressing following statement by Pres. Trump. Statement by CiC acts as call to action for tactical assets to deploy on narrative lines. See news footage of statement below.

De-restricted CHIS Briefing Text:

"Big tech has overstepped significantly in removing accounts and competitor platforms, so there’s a growing concern it won’t be capitols targeted by insurgents but Twitter, Google, Amazon, Facebook and their employees alongside Fox News which is now seen as a traitor organisation. In terms of the groups, a few repeat QAnon stuff but it’s mainly people who were already ensconced in UFO and JFK conspiracy beliefs. The primary concern is around militia groups, veterans, and engaged Trump supporting republicans. The concern is that there are multiple Timothy McVeigh’s out there making bombs to be used in the coming week."

"Capitol events across the country being well covered by Feds, LE, and Nat. Guard. Circulating event flyers for militia 17th - 20th poss. cover and move pending deployment on 2ndary targets: personnel, premises, and infrastructure of tech firms engaged in de-platform."

CHIS = Covert Human Intelligence Source

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