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Private Systems

private systems

Our clients need easy to deploy software systems which can assist them in capturing client contact and business intelligence, and which are capable of providing analytical facilities to make sense of their data. Over time, we have developed two fully customisable core systems capable of delivering these functions without introducing financial barriers to entry.

We can also develop bespoke systems, built to individual requirements. Please submit your inquiry here.


Artemis was the Goddess of the hunt.

The ARTEMIS system is an entry level data capture and business intelligence system designed to take in information and data input by the client team and their customers, using technology as mechanism to create accurate, secure records and provide meaning through automated analysis.

The core ARTEMIS product is fully scalable and available through monthly subscription with customisation options available. The set-up process is light-weight but includes data protection impact and security assessments.


Themis was the Titan-Goddess of order, law, and balance.

The THEMIS system is a secure, modular business system built to capture complex casework, categorise information, and provide detailed insights into people and processes. It was originally designed as a technological alternative to the FBIs VICAP submission system, built to provide a low-cost, high-impact crime recording and behavioural analysis and problem profiling facility to police forces across the United States.

The THEMIS product is modular, scalable, and customisable to almost any use case – available through monthly subscription with a variety of deployment options available.

The set-up process for THEMIS is in-depth, and includes data protection and equality impact assessments, analytical tailoring, and a full security assessment.