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PAEI Systems

PAEI Systems

Capturing and analysing publicly available electronic information (PAEI) opens the door to a broad range of insights, analytical capability, and automated assessment of risk. Our systems are designed to be modular, providing our clients the information they need and an audit trail which tells them how they got it.

The PAEI environment is constantly shifting, with new data sources becoming available and old ones becoming restricted or disappearing altogether. We ensure that system integrity is maintained by allowing modules to be added, edited, augmented, or removed overtime – keeping the data meaningful and removing lifespan issues.

We thread natural language processing, emotional analysis, and custom risk identification through standard data capture and processing, giving information meaning and reducing analytical burdens. At every opportunity we seek to innovate, whether through the implementation of synthetic data generation, machine learning, or novel application of technology to established processes, applying new thinking to client problems and desires.

From monitoring social media, message boards, and news items, to categorising risk and attributing responsibility, we put PAEI tools in single access point, secure environments to reduce time on task, increasing value for money and allowing businesses to make decisions rather than diverting efforts to learning new skills secondary to their core purpose.

Our base systems are fully customisable to the needs of our clients and can be deployed as client specific tools with added security layers.


Coeus was the Titan-God of the inquisitive mind.

The COEUS system is an entry level PAEI tool providing access to social media data and content analysis, aimed at real-time users who require the capability to search for topics and seek meaning in written content to inform on and offline strategies.

COEUS is available through monthly subscription with customisation options available.


Metis was the Titan-Goddess of good counsel and cunning.

The METIS system is a pre-configured virtual machine designed to allow clients to conduct research in a secure environment.

METIS is available as a download through ha nominal monthly subscription, or as a fully installed blackbox machine built to client specifications.


Athena was the Goddess of strategy and wisdom.

The ATHENA system is a secure, modular PAEI vetting tool designed to allow clients to assure risk when hiring staff. From examining business interests to establishing online behaviours, ATHENA helps identify reputational risk, training needs, and compromise in  a unified search and assessment system. ATHENA is modular, and can also incorporate credit checks or other features as required by the client vetting process.

The core ATHENA product is fully scalable and available through monthly subscription with customisation options available.

The set-up process for ATHENA is in-depth, and includes data protection and equality impact assessments, risk identification tailoring, and a full security assessment.


Aletheia was the Greek Goddess of truthfulness, later known by the Romans as Veritas.

The ALETHEIA system is a source and information classification system, designed to allow information or intelligence and its sources to be securely recorded, graded for reliability and veracity, and searched for by name, content, or url link. The system also captures encrypted audit logs, ensuring both the way information is handled and graded, and the human resources involved are fully accountable.

The core ALETHEIA product has just launched in beta and future versions will include private systems for business and law enforcement use, and a public facing module to assist in verification of information in real-time, to help reduce disinformation impacts.