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Hybrid Risk Mitigation

hybrid risk mitigation

Risks are multi-directional.

Insiders, hostile actors, competitors, social media, geopolitical events all contribute to a hybrid risk environment which can impact businesses and governments in different ways.

Traditional risk modelling is tired, mostly linear, and tends to be optimistic due to processes being established in a technological time period which is no longer relevant.

Hybrid Risks can quickly spiral, becoming so-called black swan events or even wedge events - a term we use for circumstances in which multiple black swans occur simultaneously.

We specialise in hybrid risk modelling and mitigation, designing real-world, no-nonsense plans to mitigate or evade black swan or wedge events. We don't just scan the horizon, we look beyond it.

From review and advisory assessments, to black swan and wedge simulations, we can work with business groups of all sizes.

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