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JJ Patrick Limited was formed in April 2019 to formalise within a registered structure a burgeoning analytical concept which had attracted its first major client, a European NGO. We began trading under the name “SOCINT: Social Intelligence.”

The first two years of operations were focused on research and development of reliable methodology and ethical policy, leading into technical development which was deployed for the first time in full when the company won an SBRI tender to work on a UK Government project. SOCINT was subsequently invited to tender for Phase Two of the process, holding our own against stiff competition from some of the biggest public sector providers in the country. We have now developed unique intellectual property in the burgeoning PAEI (publicly available electronic information) field with scope for commercialisation in the public and private sector.

The company successfully grew in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and, though this and Brexit saw the loss of funding for the European NGO resulting in a phased termination of the contract, we have developed a valuable strategic partnership with Hitch Marketing Limited and are garnering a growing portfolio of work in the public health arena, tackling issues from suicide to vaccine hesitancy, as well as expanding other client opportunities. We are also working closely with an established client base which includes a law enforcement focused NGO in the United States and a political party based in England, delivering a range of services with a view to exploiting market opportunities arising from product development, data modelling, and training/consultancy.

We have established our expertise in specialist areas which include hybrid societal threats, crime pattern and serial offender analysis, and behavioural change campaigning, and have developed an extensive address book and network of potential clients across the world.

The concept of “Social Intelligence” has evolved over time as we have developed methods of combining data sources, and the company now operates with multi-dimensional information to create client-specific insights.

JJ Patrick Limited is to be renamed SOCINT Limited at Companies House in June 2021.