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Giving Back

Giving Back

We believe that the public interest matters, and that doing good things should be the default position of companies, not the exception. We take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) duties as seriously as our core business.

We strive to do whatever we can to give back and use our expertise and time to make the world a little better.


Lifetree Academy is a novel online training website aimed at children in key stages 1-3, which focuses on helping young people navigate online harms and discern information from disinformation. We are using experimental techniques to explain complex topics to achieve long term benefits.


We are proud to support and provide the digital infrastructure for the Always Report initiative which encourages women to report harassment, violence, and sexual crime to ensure that an accurate picture is recorded, helping drive policy change to better protect women and girls from crime.


We work closely with the charity the Cold Case Foundation, donating time wherever we can to helping the investigation of active cold cases across the world, helping the families of victims achieve closure no matter how much time has passed. Everyone deserves justice. Everyone deserves peace.