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Consultancy and Training

consultancy and training

We work closely with our clients, as part of the team rather than as a satellite presence. Understanding both workflows and the human side of a business is essential to delivering solutions and we pride ourselves on being able to develop lasting relationships with our clients.

Our field of work is complex and can be alien, so we have ensured that we can deliver targeted consultancy to identify opportunities for our clients to make gains and reduce burdens through our specialist services, leaving a fully trained cadre of staff in the business to continue making a difference.

Not everything can be fixed with a fire and forget system subscription, and not every company has a huge budget for outside consultancy, so we work flexibly to create the biggest impact with the smallest cost. We operate on the basis that, if we are doing our job properly, we should leave a client with the skills necessary not to have to call us back in again and again.


Cost effective delivery of consultancy and training is essential. We can deliver both in a format the whole world is now familiar with, without causing disruption or introducing travel needs. We can be in your office, wherever you are, working with a team of any size, at any time.

We can consult on any of our product areas, including PAEI, behavioural change, and risk identification, but have capacity and capability across other areas and are keen to hear our clients requirements.

From single sessions to repeat digital calendar bookings, you can add our experience to your team from as little as £75 per hour including VAT.

Training sessions are available at £150 per hour including VAT and include legacy materials and toolkits covering the course content for ongoing client use.


We can operate consultancy on a traditional, on-site basis with rates starting from £600 per day including VAT. Please submit your inquiry here.


We strive to reduce time burdens in everything we do. As such, consultancy can be booked directly through our online calendar. Getting to a solution should not be part of the problem.