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Cold Case Live

SOCINT is proud to announce the upcoming launch of Cold Case Live, a collaborative project with the Cold Case Foundation.

The platform provides a multimedia membership experience, featuring podcasts, blogs, articles, a social platform, and an online academy. We have also been busy producing two public-facing podcast series to raise awareness of the foundation and the platform.

The Cold Case Foundation, under the leadership of former FBI Behavioural Profiler Greg Cooper, brings together a team of multi-disciplined experts to bring offenders to justice and provide victims and families with the dedication and support they deserve.

James Patrick, Director of SOCINT and Cold Case Foundation investigator said: “The Cold Case Live platform memberships directly contribute to the charitable foundation’s running costs and, over time, will mean the foundation can expand and assist more people. I believe that positive change can only happen when creative partnerships are formed and we are delighted to be part of bedrock of this venture.”

Cold Case Live launches on December 1st.

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