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Behavioural Insight

behavioural insight

The world has become dominated by constant and unrestricted access to information, rendering international borders and differing laws irrelevant while opening populations up to previously inconceivable influence and manipulation.

As this has unfolded, with the impact felt from product advertising to elections, behavioural science has come to play an ever more important role in how business and government is run.

We have developed a unique, hyper-functional mechanism for capturing large volumes of information and creating understanding of societal behaviour without the need to collect private information or intrude on the rights of individuals.

By processing information from a range of sources in an ethical way, we are able to deliver rapid insight into geographical and demographic groups, using beneficial psychology to create behavioural change.

From public health to activism, we are able to pinpoint not only the messages and messengers but the structure of sentences, the placement of text, the colour schemes, and even the video durations which will create positive outcomes with audiences.

We can also accurately model behavioural outcomes, from votes to downloads.


Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the Olympian Gods.

IRIS combines technology and automation with experienced human interpretation to create accurate, impactive, tactical assessments which drive behavioural change, and we can deliver fully managed creative campaigns, including management of optimised digital advertising spends. We integrate emotion and sentiment analysis as standard.

IRIS is a combination of system and method and is available on bespoke basis. Please submit your inquiry here.

Clients in the public health and social change fields can also access IRIS insights through our partnership with Hitch Marketing Limited.