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“We have been working with James and SOCINT since 2020, utilising their specialised approach to gathering large volumes of data from public sources in order to create informed, risk-considered insights which help in complex decision-making processes. SOCINT continues to provide us with effective, timely, and professional services which are deployed in client work across the public and private sectors, helping us to improve the health and wellbeing of the nation. As the volume of work has increased, James has shown that SOCINT is more than capable of rapidly scaling service provisions and continually adapting to a changing information environment.”

"We are a globally-connected movement made up Member Associations and partners working in 142 countries. We worked with SOCINT to provide capacity building to our members on open source research and social monitoring so they are better equipped to counter mounting opposition, and to develop strong and impactful campaigns which maintain public support. We have also worked with SOCINT to track the violent threats increasingly being faced by activists across Europe. We have learned a great deal through our work with SOCINT and feel our collaboration has allowed us to move in a new and exciting direction where we are better equipped to deal with the challenges of the 21st century."

“SOCINT have been instrumental in helping develop our understanding of the communication and social media landscape as it relates to our business.  The insights gleaned from the variety of tools at SOCINT's disposal (surveys, predictive modelling, data analysis) have allowed us to target limited resources in meaningful ways to deliver high impact outcomes.  Tailored creatives developed by SOCINT to support our campaigns have been shown time and again to elicit an outsize response from our target audiences.  Trend analysis against our competitors has demonstrated significant effect from our efforts to date, indicating the benefit of our partnership.”